Fire 17 Highlights (London - CfAN)

“We don't need another conference but an encounter with Jesus”

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

I was certainly the loud one at the back who screamed "Preach!"

That was probably my biggest take out from Fire Conference 2017 (theme Taking Action) a few days ago. By the way Fire 17 is a conference hosted by the Christ for all Nations (Cfan) ministry if you don't know. If you're also not acquainted with the ministry I encourage you to visit their website here.

I thank God for even giving me the opportunity to go. If I have to be honest I went with the intention of listening to specific speakers who I admire however I left with so much more. I left inspired, challenged and equipped.

The first day was like being given a pep talk on how I can serve God better.

The second day was all about knowing Jesus and drawing closer to Him. And for someone who has given her life to serve God and walks with Jesus, I thought I was in a good place but boy how wrong was I!

There's so so much more to this Christian walk! And we can never graduate from knowing Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you've been saved 5 years, 20 years or 6 days, we need to know Jesus more and draw closer to the Holy Spirit every single day. Jesus is the only one who truly satisfies and fulfils our deepest longings/desires. This sounds so simple and ordinary but this beautiful fellowship with Jesus is something we can simply put aside as we get on with our busy daily lives. My challenge going forward is to never stay complacent and to know Jesus more! To hear this was so refreshing. Sometimes we really need to just stop and be in wonder of Him.

That's what I took out of it.

I include some resources for your pleasure. (Evangelist Eric Gilmour’s YouTube Channel) - Highly recommended! (Fire 17 Conference London)

Yours in Christ


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