Hello *waves*

Hello friends,

Hope you're well. I've noticed that i haven't written a blog in a few weeks so i thought that i would just stop and give you an update. Rest assured i do have something in mind to write about which i aim to publish soon. But to give you a sneak peak, the past few weeks haven't been the smoothest however i have seen the faithfulness of God in a profound way in my life personally and in the community around me. When i thought i hit the end, God shows up and does the impossible. I'm hoping that the next blog will be more of an encouragement 'piece' for you and that in the midst of the fire and trials you'll see even more that Jesus is truly Lord.

I'll share more in due course! So aside from Work/Church what have i been doing then? I've had my annual summer conference at my home Church which was good, attended a youth conference in Nottingham hosted by my friends today and i've had a wedding/bridal shower to attend which was fun.

Haven't gone on holiday yet but then again last year i went on three (which wasn't the plan)! Ha!

Until the next blog!


P.S Here's me at the 'Limitless Power' conference in Nottingham and Kim (conference host) getting ready. Went up to support :)


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