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I've been inspired today by an awesome Church who had their 'Compassion Sunday' day today so i thought why not use this blog to write about it.

For those of you who don't know, Compassion is an international ministry giving people the opportunity to sponsor children. But you know what, i don't think my description of them is actually doing them justice. They do such a great work! I've added a link to their ministry below.

In fact, i have a sponsor child. She lives in Uganda and she's been in my life for about 5 years now. It's her birthday soon - where do the years go!  I absolutely love reading her letters and seeing her drawings. Yes, i've been sponsoring her but she's also been a blessing to me. I love her pictures and her messages of encouragement. I hope some day i'll get to tell her that face- to-face.

There's a photo of us in my room! She's the beautiful girl on the right!

I have a question. If you haven't considered this before, would you consider sponsoring a child for a monthly fee?

The money goes so far and at their compassion project they learn so much! For example, they develop life skills i.e. hygiene, money management and social skills etc. and the money is used to help towards their school supplies/getting them through primary school.

But you know what it's not about the money per se but more about a childs development. They get to grow in an environment where they feel loved, appreciated and protected and they also get to hear about the gospel of Jesus and grow in their faith.

Please have a look at the excellent work that they do! We're created to be a blessing.


  1. Known you for as long as I can remember. But did not know this. Just another reason why I truely think you are an Angel!


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