Hello! Hope you’re well 😊

I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend of mine called Don the other day. He’s active in Church, is into acting and can be seen in some videos telling people about Jesus. He’s an Evangelist. I was so intrigued and encouraged at his openness/honesty when he was sharing with me ‘stories’ of him sharing the gospel to the homeless and gang members – the Gospel is truly for all.

A few years older than me, and very driven for the Gospel, he’s been evangelising for about 10-15 years telling people about Jesus across London. I too (being very passionate about serving God), just bombarded him with questions and dilemmas that I had in my own journey and I thank God for his life and his patience in addressing some of my concerns. As it happens we go baaaaaaaaaaaack. In fact, he actually helped me with my dissertation a few years ago! Don is a fountain of knowledge and was willing to share! Some of the things we spoke about I’m going to share with you today (with his permission ;)

As soon we said goodbye, straight away I just jotted a few key points in my notebook.

Here are some notes:

·         When evangelising, trust God even when it doesn’t make sense

·         Share the love of Jesus when talking to people

·         Be kingdom-minded

·         Persevere – the joy of the Lord is your strength

·         Be led by the Holy Spirit

He said a lot more but those are some of the things that stood out the most to me.

When I left him I felt encouraged and I felt as if he ‘talked me up’ by encouraging me to keep going and continue serving God in and outside of the Church.
I love this advice, Trust God, even when it doesn’t make sense”.

Until next time.



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