This week has been an eye opener. I took a few days out to visit family and friends in Leicester and Nottingham and I’m now back in London.

It’s been interesting because it was like God was answering my prayers, reaffirming and correcting things in my life.

It was good to take time out from my full-on life and catch up with loved ones and reflect. I found myself thinking about the faithfulness of God and how far He’s brought me.

In particular, I’m thankful for:

·        His Patience towards me – when I’ve personality felt that I’ve reached the end of me He’s always been there

·         He’s restoring things which I’ve lost (Alleluia!)

·         For the Pastors at my Church who’ve corrected/rebuked me in love because they genuinely care about my spiritual health

·         For my Godly friendships and Godly marriages around me which I can look up to

I think it’s very important to develop an attitude of thankfulness and praise regardless of the circumstance and to understand that God does care about every single detail of your life and He’s working every little thing for your good (Rom 8:28). He’s also working in your life when the winds are blowing and things seem to be going pear-shaped. So, let’s develop a consistent attitude whether we’re in a season of lack or abundance.

Sometimes in my conversations, you’ll hear me suggesting writing down the things God has done for you so that when those winds blow (and they do!) you can look back on it to encourage yourself.

I remember 3 or 4 years ago at work; my contract came to an end and I was devastated because I really enjoyed working at the company/the City. On my break, I don’t know why but I decided to write down all of the times/situations when I needed help from God and how He came through for me. When writing this down, I started to see that I serve a faithful God who has carried me faithfully throughout various storms and though it hasn’t been easy, He’s surely with me (Psalm 23vs 1-4). Even if it’s ‘small’ i.e. I don’t have to pay this expense any more, I still write it down.

You never know! This could be your testimony which you can use to tell your friends what God has done in your life!


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