One heart Revival...

Living the dream.

What a statement? I’m a young university student living a normal life. I hold a part-time job and study full-time and do a lot of leadership stuff for Church and beyond.

So how I am living the dream? Good question. I keep asking my self the following question - what is it that truly makes me happy?

First answer (surprise, surprise) is Jesus. Jesus makes me happy. Then I thought to myself, wait there must be more to this. Basically I started to realise (even more) that God was using me more for His Purpose in and out of the Church and He has gifted me with certain gifts which are not for myself but for others. Ultimately there's no other greater joy and fulfillment then doing what God has purposed me to do.

So along the leadership journey, in particular how God uses me to serve others, I have learnt a few things which I would like to share. I hope and pray I won’t forget this!

1- Be content with what God has put before you and don't despise the day of small beginnings. I can’t believe what started off as serving at church ended up involving me in serving other students at my university and doing great things on campus for Jesus! I don't take it for granted.

2- Be content with the gifts that God has blessed you with. When I take my eyes of myself and use my giftings for His Glory, that’s when i truly flourish!

3- Live in the unseen (I will be telling myself this all of the time!). Don’t be demoralised if you do things and people don’t see it or appreciate it. God sees all and we don’t work for man we work for God!

Oh and one of my secret dreams (or something that i've been praying for) for my university came true! i waited such a long time, few years in fact, for this event. All the Christian societies came together for a night of Praise and Worship. It was like a fresh awakening and to see a fresh move of God on campus and lives being touched and people saved. It was absolutely wonderful.

Picture of the night....


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