My 21st Birthday...

Hello everyone,

How are you? How this year has flown and I hope it’s been a great one for you! I just wanted to share something small with you.

Quickly, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I feel like this is a new beginning for me spiritually. I’m hungering for a new deeper level with God, I’m excited, I’m more passionate for Jesus and my Church (I absolutely love my Church). I’m now rearranging things in my life, making key decisions and trusting in God with my future. Gods doing a working in my life, I’m thankful!

My perspective shift

This year my eyes have been opened (spiritually). It’s like I can remember the moment when God just did something to my heart one Sunday service and the burdens I was carrying, the pain, struggles and disappointments, He sorted it out just like that.

Ever since that moment my perspective has changed. It’s like I finally ‘understood’ that God has a plan for me (bigger than I thought). And this is what it is. It’s to connect myself to His Church so that through His Church He can make Himself known to a lost and broken world. Simple.

Think of it like this. There are two trains train A and Train B. Train A is my train and this train is taking me to my own destination and I’m in control of this train. Train B is Gods train which God leads and guides. I finally understood that in order for me to walk into the plans that God has for me I have to get off my own train and get on His WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Anyone know what i mean? Getting on His train for me meant giving my ALL to my local Church and serving others around me. I believe God moves through the Church.

Matthew 5:14
New International Version (NIV)
14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

‘It’s not about me’

I can’t find a bigger satisfaction than seeing the Church be all it can be and for people to know Jesus. If your vision is bigger than Gods vision I believe that you’re missing out.

I’m so excited at what God's doing for the Church!!!! He’s moving! Oh and what God's doing through His people excites me!

I’m on board.