Giving Him Glory/Thankfulness

1John 3
3All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.

Let's thank Him.

Thank Him for Him, For His Son, His Spirit.
Thank Him for the Church,
Thank Him for your Life,
Thank Him for your Husband/Wife
Thank Him for your Children
Thank Him for your Brothers and Sisters and Christ
Thank Him for taking you through trials because you know it’s by His Strength you're going to overcome
Thank Him for your family, your finances, your education, your home etc.

Just think for one moment. What has God done for you?

Some of us get frustrated when we seriously go out of our way for someone else and they don’t appreciate it. It’s like we put all this effort into that one person and they don’t care. But when some-one says "Thank You" its changes something. When was the last we said "Thank you" for something Our Father did for us or what some else did for us? We shouldn’t take Him for granted yet alone all other things people do for us.

We should thank Him for our future because we know it’s bright. He does A LOT for us and has saved us from things we don’t even know about.

He gives us the strength to get up every morning, the strength to go to work and the strength to focus, when we feel weak. Amen?

What about the opportunities that we have?

If it wasn’t for Him, we wouldn’t have what we've got - not that its about stuff!

He’s blesses us dearly! Give back to the Creator! Give him the Glory. No matter how small just thank Him.

We should glorify God through our lifestyle. Be a pillar of Christ wherever we go, be that shining light!

As Christians we should appreciate what we have got and even the bad stuff because we need to Thank God for giving us the strength to walk through bad situations. Trials and Tribulations we will overcome as this will build character.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy seeing people smile and having a positive impact on someone else’s life some how. You would be surprised at how far a thank you can go. TWO WORDS: nothing material. ITS FREE and it may even make someone’s day. Try it.


  1. I totally agree with this post! He is the King of Glory!

  2. Hello God's Child 09! Thanks for dropping by Getting Down With Jesus. It was a blessing to check out your blog this evening. Lots of great stuff here. I really enjoyed your post on "Waiting." I've been meditating a lot on "waiting" the last few days, especially considering the fact that we are entering the Advent season. Thank you for blessing me with your writing!


  4. I am IN LOVE with....the LOVE you have for our Lord ;) You're 'speakin' my language.' ;D May GOD BLESS you immensely! Isn't this all so exciting?! That we are 'in the midst' of it all!?! That we will be together in the heavenly realms laughing and full of joy, and even able to reflect this very moment of our 'blog lives?' Hahaha! Keep up His good works, as you are truly annointed with His spirit....on FIRE! May the Lord use you mightily for His kingdom and Glory:) Have a spectacular day!

  5. It is so true that God deserves all praise, honor, and glory; even when we don't understand or are in pain. If we believe he is good, then we know we can trust him to bring good even out of hard situations. Good post! I see that you like Kari Jobe- I love her voice! I just bought her Christmas Album, Bethlehem, from itunes and I really like it. I am glad to meet you!

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  7. Thank you for the comments.

    May God Bless you immensely and thank you for the words of encouragment.


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