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Food for thought…
For the last couple of days my main focus has been getting to know the Holy Spirit better. Today, I was sitting on the train and thinking about Him and what people have said about Him that really stood out to me i.e. He is precious and He is beautiful.

I am currently reading this book by Benny Hinn called ‘the anointing’ and there are a few verses that really stood out. It made me think about the Holy Spirit and about the power of Prayer.

1st quote:

‘What we don’t immediately realize is that the longer we are on our knees, the less of the flesh remains. A death begins as we are on our knees. ‘Benny Hinn’

I also love this quote!

‘He longs for us to know and experience His presence and His anointing. When we are emptied of self, we will know his presence. Only then can we experience His power- the anointing of the Holy Spirit. But the trust factor is also very important. We must be faithful with what God so richly supplies’ Benny Hinn

Another quote that I like was Katherine Khulmans one. It’s amazing.

‘He’s more real than anything in the world! He’s more real than you are!’ Katherine Khulman

Stay Blessed, Jen


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