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Singing to God in Silence

Happy New Year all – First blog of 2018 😊

I may have written before that we should pray for the persecuted Church worldwide. A country that may spring to mind for Christian persecution is North Korea. Obviously, this saddens me but tonight God really did encourage me. Tonight, I heard stories from people who've lived in Korea, talking about how Christianity, particularly in South Korea has grown (especially rapidly over the past century).
Obviously, I had to ask about the North. When it comes to attending Church and worshipping God, Christians may not be able to sing and praise God openly like we can in the UK, but they do sing unto God silently. I've never heard of this before and to be honest it really did intrigue me that despite the persecution they won’t stop worshipping God. So how can we despite our troubles? After all, He is faithful. We mustn’t take worshipping God freely for granted. In fact, you can read about silent worship here:…

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